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The Best in Jet Charter Services

Who We Are

American Air Charter Network is a network of aircraft across the United States and the globe. There are over 3000 Jet, Helicopter, and Turbo-Prop aircraft available in our network. Our network consists of both managed aircraft and aircraft from our network partners.

The Innovation of Our Network

For over three decades our owners built one of the premier Private Charter companies in the United States. In Febuary 2000 our owners decided to form American Air Charter Network. Our client base was quickly growing in more locations. Our owners decided to form a network of the best management companies strategically positioned to match our clients charter demands. The formation of our network allowed us to cut out unnecessary and costly ferry legs for each flight. In addition we were able to match flights together cutting even more wasteful ferry flights. The result has been the ability to consistently offer our clients the most competetive rates in the best aircraft.

Less Fuel Burned equals Cleaner Air

Cutting our ferry legs not only saves a lot of money, it also burns less fuel. A charter jet from New York to Los Angeles, the Gulfstream IV burned approximately 10,000lbs of fuel. The creation of our network was the first step in our biggest goal as a company; to provide private air charter to the world at the best pricing, with the best services, and be completely non-invasive on the environment.


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