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Fractional Vs. Charter

It may seem that fractional ownership affords some unparalleled advantage over charter, the reality is far different. While fractional or partial ownership programs offer set hourly pricing at ultra competitive rates, the monthly management fees you pay to own the aircraft distort the bottom line enormously. The actual cost to manage an aircraft is far below the management fees that are charged by the fractional companies. The end result is a cost per hour that is much higher than the cost of chartering an aircraft.

It's Not About Owning an Aircraft, It's About the Flight

* The advantages of owning an aircraft are in customization and control. With fractional ownership you are almost always flying a different aircraft. You can not customize a specific aircraft to your taste, and you have very little control over the advantages of resale or rollover. In addition when you sell your share in your aircraft you even have to pay a hefty remarketing fee.

*Our network offers you virtually the same benefits as fractional ownership, without any restrictions, at a fraction of the cost.

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